Foam Latex Run- Troll Forehead Appliance

In preparation of our next convention, C2E2, we needed to run another foam latex  forehead appliance.

Materials/Tools Used-


The first step was to add mold release to the lifecast and prosthetic mold. 

Using the mold release included in the Monster Makers Foam Latex Kit,  a thin layer was applied to both the lifecast and the mold. Once dry, a chip brush was used to remove any excess material.


Then it was time to whip up some Foam Latex!

Following the instructions included with the kit, we measured out the “ingredients” for the foam latex.

  • High Solids Base
  • Prosthetic Grade Foaming Agent
  • Standard Curing Agent
  • Standard Gelling Agent

The Foam was then whipped together using the stand mixer.

NOTE: Foam Latex is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. It may be necessary to tweak the amounts or mixing times to compensate.


We then poured the foam latex mixture into the mold.

Using a chip brush we pushed the latex into the details of the mold,  being careful not to add air bubbles. Working quickly, before the material began to gel, we pressed the lifecast into the mold and strapped it tight.


We waited 20 minutes for the foam latex to fully gel.

The mold was then placed into our preheated smoker oven. We have found that 6 hours and 160 degrees works well for this size appliance.


Once cooled, the appliance was demolded. A successful pull!