Queen Azshara

For our current  project we are building Queen Azshara from World of Warcraft.

While taking inspiration from the concept art by Rob Sevilla (pictured above) and the 3-D model by Kenny McBride, we are also referencing deep sea creatures. We chose her because she is an interesting character with many different elements and challenges, from tentacles to multiples eyes. 

While this project will certainly require some trial and error, some techniques we plan to incorporate are:

  • Full Head Lifecasting
  • Forearm Lifecasting
  • Upper Body Lifecasting
  • Dental Lifecasting
  • Sculpting/Casting a Custom Dental Appliance
  • Sculpting/Molding/Baking a Pair of Foam Latex Hands
  • Sculpting/Molding/Baking a 3 Piece Foam Latex Facial Prosthetic
  • Sculpting/Molding/Baking a Foam Latex Bodysuit
  • Fiberglass Mold Jacket and Upper Body Cast
  • Fiberglass Headpiece Under Structure
  • LED Screen Animated Eyes
  • Casting Translucent Fins and Webbing
  • Lighted Skin Elements
  • Building and Programming Animated Tentacles
  • Creating “Bioluminescent” Painting effects

Keep an eye out for updates and new tutorials!