Lifecast- Corrected Positive

After casting the initial Body Double mold with Hydrocal, it needed to be cleaned up/corrected in preparation of re-molding.


This process included chipping off any air bubbles, removing the eyebrows/eyelashes and rasping down the “bald cap” texture.

To avoid future mold locking, the ears were also removed.

WED clay was then added to correct any imperfections and fill undercuts.

The head was then sealed with Shellac and Mold Release was applied.


Once the mold release was dry, we began applying thin layers of Rebound 25 silicone. 

Each layer was tinted a different color with Silc-Pig silicone pigment to help ensure full coverage.

For the 4th and final layer, we added Thi-Vex to the silicone.

This thickened the last coat to a consistency similar to cake frosting.  We used the paste to reinforce the mold where we planned to cut it open and support weak spots like the eye sockets and nose.

Once the silicone is fully cured we will make a two part mold jacket from plaster bandages. This will be  similar to the one on the initial Body Double lifecast.

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Twitch Stream Life Casting Highlights