Let’s Make Viking Hats! Bay Area Maker Faire recap

Last month we had the opportunity to host a workshop at Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. We were asked to teach patrons how to build something out of EVA foam. After brainstorming, we came up with the idea for Viking helmets! This way everyone could learn how to take a flat piece of foam and learn how to turn it into a 3D wearable object. Everyone was also able to try their hands at using a pattern, cutting, gluing, heat forming, and using a Dremel rotary tool on foam.

For the pattern, we reached out to Jackie Craft. Not only is she a talented maker, MC, teacher, she also  has lots of experience drafting user friendly patterns.

We are also very thankful to Excel Blades, Dremel, and TNT Cosplay Supply. They provided all the materials required to make this workshop possible. These are all companies we love and have been using since we started making costumes so we were super pumped to be able to share their products.

Materials used for the workshop:


Topics covered in the workshop

  • Interpreting foam patterns
  • Transferring patterns onto EVA foam
  • Cutting EVA foam with a utility knife
  • Cutting basic bevels in EVA foam
  • Proper gluing techniques
  • Adhering flush seams
  • Heat forming foam with a heat gun
  • Using a Dremel tool to clean up seams
  • Texturing foam with a Dremel tool
  • Customization



We had attendees of all ages at the workshop. Everyone was able to finish their hats and wear them home, and some  even brought them back and wore them the next day!

This was our first time hosting a workshop. We certainly learned a lot and would love to run more in the future!

We could not have made this workshop the success it was without the help from some expert makers!  Hoku Props, Bill Doran from Punished Props Academy, Jackie Craft, KuroKami Props, and Tock Custom  all heeded the viking call. Everyone came together to help cut out foam and give all the attendees some one on one attention they needed. We cannot thank everyone enough for making this workshop a success. It turned out to be something truly special for everyone!